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Giant Bicycles required a sophisticated solution to support their network of Giant Stores and authorised dealers in completing the PowerFit bike fit system. PowerFit is the only bike fit system that focuses specifically on improving your power output and balance through correct fit for increased performance and efficiency. For more details, click here 

We built a native iOS application that can be installed by the stores on an iPad or iPads. This allows them to go through the PowerFit process with an easy-to-use step-by-step interface. Once the PowerFit is complete, the app sends the data to the cloud and the store can log in to a web application to perform further analysis and recommend suitable Giant bikes / configurations depending on the results of the PowerFit.

Comprehensive Calculations

The web application contains a wealth of data on all the latest Giant bicycles, plus lots of calculations that match the person performing the PowerFit with suitable Giant bikes. These calculations are performed on the fly and the data is returned, sorted as the client requires, to ensure the store / dealer is not left waiting around.

Multiple Devices

The dealer is not limited to only using the iPad for the iOS app and a desktop computer for the web application. Thanks to the power of responsive design, the interface performs great on smaller screen sizes - so the dealer can simply switch to a web browser from the app and continue the analysis!

Auto Reports

Once the user has performed their PowerFit, Giant wanted them to be provided with a high-quality configurable report to take away. We built the generation of this report as a printable PDF as a function of the web application, so the user can receive it by email and read / print it at their leisure.

We also built in a separate report that can be given to the bike mechanic to ensure they set up any bike purchased by the user exactly as they require based on the results of their PowerFit - including fitting any after-market accessories.

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