Flexible Blocks

One of the challenges we faced was giving Breathe enough flexibility in the design to cover different content types to showcase a variety of different types of projects, without being locked into a fixed template. We designed a series of blocks of content that would work in any order.

This structure, combined with Craft’s built-in ease-of-use, gave them the flexibility to create and display the content they want, in whatever form they want. This allowed Breathe to have full control of their ideas and brand, being able to quickly iterate through their work to find the perfect way to present their work to customers.

Managing Multiple Websites

Breathe Productions and Breathe AV are two divisions of the same company. This gave us a dilemma — either create two separate websites, with separate content management systems to maintain and update, or try to create a single website with one content management system.

Challenged to create a streamlined way to update and maintain two sites, we began researching the best fit that would provide the ease of use that clients love, and the technical prowess to produce a quick and stable website. We found our chosen CMS through this research: Craft CMS.

Using Craft we were able to design and build a site that would intuitively style and present one set of content as two separate sites, meaning the client only has to tag which site the content is required for.

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