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The latest member of the Scandinavian H&M Group, Nyden, seems to be making a few waves. On the surface what appears to be the next big thing disrupting the fashion market may actually just be a tried and tested collaboration strategy tied up nicely in a clever marketing bow, but you have to give them credit where credits due, whether it’s innovative or not, they’ve launched it right.

There are a number of things that make Nyden a clever move for the H&M Group. Firstly, it’s a seasonless brand which means drops can come at any time. Obviously the H&M brand moves quickly, being of the most iconic fast fashion brands in the world, however fast fashion implies cheap, not tran-seasonal or investment-piece worthy, something which is promoted with the Nyden brand. Not only is this clever in the fact that it is recognising consumers today are less likely to buy seasonal wardrobes, gravitating more towards the impulse or occasion purchase, but it also encourages a sense of urgency and limitation. Without knowing when the next designs are becoming available or what season they’re intended for, customers will be inclined to buy now rather than later.

It feeds in to the “me” culture of the Gen-Zers. Nyden is very much focused around creating its “Tribe”. This involves all the creatives who are collaborating on collections but also all the customers who are buying in to the label. By creating the collective and putting the consumer at the focus of their product (a marketing strategy brands like Adidas & Nike pioneered), they promote the customer and make them feel like the “star” – a strategy which Gen-Z eats up by the bucketful. Promoting #iamnyden encourages the social media collective to post and self-promote. Also, they’re not just focused on fashion, they’re looking in the future to branch in to all products: food, homewares, etc. Again, something which the younger generations are all about – no borders, no rules.

And lastly, and probably the most interesting point about this brand exercise, is its strategy to bring in “co-creators” (their term) from all different creative industries, not just fashion. Creatives like Dr Woo, an internationally renowned tattoo artist, musician Dua Lipa and Riverdale actor Hart Denton are all creating their own range alongside the Nyden designers. An interesting harem of creatives considering they would all have very different fan bases, a smart move from H&M to widen the market. Another thing that brings this point to its peak is the value they’ve placed on creative intelligence. It’s something these industries have been going on about for years, trying to get non-creative sectors to value the creative skillset as much as they do traditional ones, and it’s great to see a brand push it forward as one of its main motivations.

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