ZARA Concept Retail Store


Are we looking at a model for modern retail? 

Described as a ‘temporary concept store for online purchases, returns and exchanges’, Zara have brought a showroom concept to the high street. While their flagship store is under renovation, rather than lose customers, Zara have opened a pop-up store using a contemporary retail model.

Carefully curated collections, merchandised in low numbers, create an exclusive feel and interactive mirrors provide product details when customers are near. Customers can shop the Zara offering and try on product, before staff members will assist them with the purchase of products. The difference here is that customers do not take product away with them, instead same day delivery or collection from the store is offered to provide a seamless, contemporary experience.

This is a clever execution from Zara to avoid losing any customers while their flagship store is renovated at West Field, Stratford, London. However, this innovative strategy could easily be adopted by various retail brands; this could help a small brand gain a physical presence or reduce the overheads and floor space of large retailers. This ‘showrooming’ concept is a great example of a model for modern retail.

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