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Pop-ups aren’t exactly a new concept. For over ten years now we’ve seen stores from both the big brands and small independents popping up all over the world. An exercise in temporary consumer interaction, the success of each pop-up is determined by a number of different factors such as location, promotion, intention and offering.

We’ve certainly been shouting from the rooftops the importance of experience over transaction but there are a number of brands that still fall in to the trap of creating temporary stores that are focused on the revenue and footfall as opposed to the experience or awareness. Big mistake! The brands that are creating unique and unusual experiences are those who are generating the most press coverage and most Insta press.

There are a number of ways you can create an “out-of-brand” experience for your consumers that isn’t focused around transactions.

Look laterally at what your consumers are enjoying apart from your offering. What music do they listen to? What are the latest food trends? Is there a social cause they seem to be particularly vocal about? Whatever their side interest might be, look for the one that makes the most sense when sitting alongside your brand and look for a way for you to marry the products/services in a creative way. Don’t be creatively lazy and combine two stores in to one space, think about how each product/service can complement the other and create something your customers haven’t seen before.

Consider going full-experience over experience/product pop-up. This means not selling any product at the event at all. I know it sounds crazy, but experience-driven pop-ups can create the loudest noise and if it genuinely engages with your consumer they’ll go online and hit their nearest store to make the transaction – the sales will come, you just have to be patient. The beauty of the full-experience pop-up is if you’re not focusing on money coming in then you free your time/creative mind space to really execute something memorable. Turn your eye away from those sales reports and start evaluating the look on your patron’s face when they experience your brand space.

Pop-up’s done well have a number of benefits which can really add value to your brand and enrich your customer base. Due to their temporary nature, they naturally create a sense of urgency and scarcity. If you do decide to sell product at your pop-up, consider selling only brand new or limited-edition products that aren’t available anywhere else. This jumps on the FOMO affect and can result in lines for miles.

If you’re online, this is a valuable opportunity to test the waters in the physical marketplace. Remember to choose your locations strategically, your data can be compromised if you either choose a location that a) your target market doesn’t frequent or b) you choose a site that would be far out of your budget if you are testing your brands ability to move to a more permanent location.

Lastly, this is a great opportunity to establish your brand as an industry leader. If successfully executing a brand experience that strays from your daily offering, you’ve given your consumers a reason to buy from you as opposed to your competitor. It’s going the extra mile and creating that level of expectation over surprise.

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Some of the best…

Pantone Café – Monaco

A colour-coded pop-up eatery on the shores of the French Riveria in Monaco. A yearly event due to its overwhelming popularity, consumers get to enjoy a selection of cakes, sandwiches, drinks and pastries all packaged within the Pantone rainbow.

COS LA x Snarkitecture

International clothing label COS teamed up with New York-based design studio Snarkitecture to create a temporary installation in their LA. The monochrome and tonal rooms created a immersive brand experience that focused on the structure of the garments using cut-out installations to generate depth perception and focus on the individual product designs.

Adidas NDM, London

Created to launch the new Adidas NDM trainer, the warehouse space in Shoreditch was transformed in to a two-storey space that played host to film screenings, an art exhibition, an interactive installation and a daily barbeque.

Deliveroo Garden, Hoxton

Creating an inviting picnic space in London, Deliveroo set up a garden that allowed customers to order food to the gardens with money spent redeemable on cocktails at the event.

Ribena Colouring Café – Covent Garden

Jumping on the latest creative trend of adult colouring, Ribena created a café that allowed customers to colour in a piece of a larger mural. While sipping on their Ribena, customers were encouraged to grab a tile and get colouring.


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