RDE 2018 Round-up


Well that’s another year at RDE in the bag.
Thank you to all that came to our stand to have a chat and check us out. We met some amazing people and started some great conversations.
Also, a big shout out to everyone that wrote a thought down on our scribble wall. We asked, “What does retail look like to you?” and got some incredible responses that are sure to spark some conversations back in the Barn.
Below are a few things we loved about the exhibition as well as some top succulent tips for those of you who were lucky to grab one of our giveaways last week.


  1. How the concept of time will change the retail landscape for GenZ by Aileen Poe, Senior Designer, FITCH
  2. Adidas - Launching flagship stores in the UK and the US by Kate Maher, Senior Director Retail Concept Creation Concept to Consumer, Adidas
  3. International VM Trends by Davy Pittoors, VM Manager, Louis Vuitton
  4. The Honest Brand: Meet the biggest consumer group in the UK by Andy Turnbull, Creative Director, The Honest Brand
  5. G-Shock - Designing a physical space that embodies brand values by Poonam Moodhvadia, Retail Marketing Manager, Casio UK, Polly Grinnell, Managing Director, Double Retail, Alex Forsyth, Creative Lead, Double Retail

STAND-OUT STAND (apart from ours, obviously)

From the moment HI-MACS stand came in to sight people were just drawn to it. Clean lines, clear messaging and open space made this pink dream a show-stopper. This is a perfect example of less is more, letting the product shine. Love your work HI-MACS!


  • Your little succulent is a sun-worshipper, so keep it near a window so it gets lots of filtered sunlight.
  • Water only when the soil is dry, about every fortnight when the weather is warmer or once a month if the temperature has dropped.
  • Lost a leaf? No problem! Pop them in the soil and watch them grow.