As more and more clients look to us for photo and video solutions, Whiteroom have built a dedicated team of photographers, videographers and studio spaces. This allows us to act fast and meet our clients needs, working on a variety of projects such as pack shots or even travelling the world on location, capturing moments that tell brand and product stories.

Studio Photography

Fully controlled lighting studio space for live model and pack shot photography. Whether you require outfit builds, jewellery pack shots or shots of a 4x4 car, we can organise and shoot the images required.

Location Shoots

We have travelled the world shooting in locations such as Dubai, Africa, Australia, the Alps and, of course, all over the UK. We design, storyboard and plan every aspect of each shoot to ensure we showcase your products or brand in the best possible setting.

Product Videos

We are often asked to film and produce product and service demonstration videos and short films. From baby carrier training videos for John Lewis, to promotional benefit pieces for the Giant Powerfit service.

Shooting Kit

We have a comprehensive base kit of the latest camera bodies and lenses, as well as drones, steadicams, GoPros and iPhones. We hire in special equipment, such as booms and tracks, when the project requires them.

Short Films

Brand storytelling is ideally suited to short film. By creating unique and creative short films, you can engage with your customers on a more human level. We have travelled with some great brands like Lifeventure and Lifesystems to places such as Dubai and Zanzibar, documenting and capturing the journey, experience and products in use.