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New Retail Look And Trade Presence

When Weird Fish approached us to create a new look for the brand’s existing chain of UK stores, together with a trade stand concept to support market sell-in not only in the UK, but Europe, we accepted with pleasure. Weird Fish is a growing and exciting brand; their product range has some fantastic collections which was great inspiration and direction for tuning our concept, rationale around material selections and display fixtures.

We set about keeping the concept true to the brand DNA, with authentic natural materials used in a creative and interesting way. Our approach was simple — to create a considered consistent brand feeling with a set palette of materials and finishes. We maintained all the benefits of a modular system, but with a complete bespoke look. The final result was warm, inviting and true to the brand.

Authentic, Natural And Crafted

The team went through a process of exploring and underpinning the core values of Weird Fish, where they have come from as an English seaside-born brand, to where they want to go as an international apparel brand, with a genuine, authentic and crafted tone.

Seen First At PURE, London

The concept was first delivered for the fashion show PURE in London. This was a test bed for use of the materials and display methods, before rolling it out to more shows, private showrooms and in-store.

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