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Six-Month Exhibit For The Royal Shakespeare Company

Local to the RSC in Stratford-Upon-Avon, they approached us because of our expertise in exhibitions and controlled environments. The brief was great — to design, manufacture and install a six-month exhibit of Bruce Bairnsfather’s work during and after the First World War. The exhibit was part of a production based on trench life in World War I, where this local man from Stratford-Upon-Avon came to be one of the most famous illustrators, artists and designer of his time.

This project was a pleasure for us to work on as not only was it based around such a famous creative, but also for one of the world’s most famous theatrical production companies. We designed an exhibit that touched on every aspect of his life, guiding viewers through his creative journey. With a fairly tight space, we created a flow that lead to viewers discovering more at every turn. We introduced engagement with message boards, art corners and video productions.

The Installation

Our team spent two days transforming the RSC exhibition room into a six-month exhibit.

Educational Video 

Our film and media team worked with the relatives in gathering and collating old footage so we could create an AV educational piece for viewers to watch and learn.  

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