New Product, New Stand And New Customers

Whiteroom were tasked with not only designing a new stand concept, but launching a game-changing product for the fitness and audio market. Jabra needed something special and within a budget, so appointed us because of our creative flair, strategic approach and ability to cost-effectively deliver in Europe.

The brief was fulfilled by bringing the lead story to the front, with active engagement where a professional athlete ran on a raised platform using the new Jabra Pulse headphones and monitoring app, the results of which were relayed onto large screens.

Other product zones were designed, such as a music tunnel plus in-ear and — with an overall sporty feel to connect with the target market — the concept and final stand was beyond everyone’s expectations. With sales staff energised and attendees spending more time on the booth, product interaction was increased and sales improved.

Interactive Media And Data Capture

With our selected media partner, we developed a touch pad with interactive content for each product. Not only could each customer engage and learn, but also leave valuable data for the Jabra team to pick up post-show and follow up. These touch pads have now been customised and recently installed in department store in Dubai.

Whiteroom have transformed the Jabra brand presence at trade shows. From start to finish, the whole process was smooth and seamless; showing amazing creativity, combined with a strategic thought process, that resulted in the perfect balance of brand presence and a workable sales platform. With great storytelling and product flow, the space was attractive, bold and inviting. The creative skill and exceptional project management made the whole project enjoyable and the comments by attendees about our space were great — exactly the impression we needed to achieve at Europe’s largest technology show when launching a new product. Credit to the whole Whiteroom design and project management team.

Jabra European Marketing Director

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