Delivering Exceptional Event And Trade Show Experiences

As one of the world’s leading audio brands, Bose wanted to work with a team that could deliver a customer experience like no other. Premium has always been the essence of every project we’ve worked on with Bose; creating experience zones, home theatres, product pods and simulators; with high specifications and unique design.

Ideal Home Shows

Engaging direct with the consumer is key for Bose and shows like the Ideal Home Show, BBC Good Food and Grand Designs offer the mass exposure they seek. We have supported their presence at these shows for many years — always taking influence from the sleek, minimal and distinctive lines of the brand’s products and translating them into architectural sales platforms.

We designed specific engagement areas where customers could interact with the new products and experience the benefit of choosing Bose audio products. Using clean display units and separate environments we ensured the quality of the product could be experienced even in a busy exhibition space.

Motorsport Show

Reflecting their premium product quality, we designed a stylish stand lead by consumer-focussed experiences at events all around the country including international motor shows, the Ideal Home show and BBC Good Food Show.


A collaboration with Porsche

When Bose set up a brand partnership with Porsche — a brand with the same values and quality, they asked us to design a series of FSUs (Free Standing Towers) as part of their in-store point of sale package. The package was to be supplied to dealerships across the country to promote the collaboration between the two companies and support product story-telling.

Yet again Whiteroom have delivered an exceptionally well designed stand coupled with stress-free project management. The superb design complemented the Bose brand and products and enabled our team to deliver an experience that excited the senses of thousands of customers. Thank you.

Bose Shop In Shop Co-ordinator

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