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Rebrand & Campus Redesign


Codemasters tasked Whiteroom with transforming their Campus in Southam, Warwickshire into an immersive and inspiring space that created a destination for employees and visitors that was demonstrative of their brand and product.

Who is Codemasters?

Codemasters is probably a familiar name to you if you were a Gamer back in the 90s. Cult-followings games such as Colin Mcrae Rally, Micro-Machines and Brian Lara Cricket entertained the masses for hours, becoming some of the most prominent games in their genre. Today, Codemasters are one of the world’s leading Motorsport games developers and the official licensed game developers for Formula 1. This refinement in direction has seen the company grow in both size and investment over the last few years, establishing themselves as a leading player in the motor-sport gaming industry.

Defining the brand

After initial conversations, it become apparent that while Codemasters had their offering on point, their brand and visual language needed refining. The only brand touchpoints they currently had was at the beginning of each game and their website. This is commonplace when companies transcend their original offering and was an exciting opportunity for Codemasters to define their current stronghold. Whiteroom worked with their team to understand their company values and from there created a visual language that centred around elements of motorsport and the feelings and experiences of drivers, fans and game players. The values quality, community, dynamic & playful, were translated to an integrated colour palette, materials, textures as well as photography and graphic direction.

Translating the brand in to a physical space

Once the visual language was confirmed, we moved on to translating those values and elements in to a physical space.

Starting with the entrance hall, we designed a space that focused your eye to the end of the area, creating a brand journey. For both visitors, current employees and potential future employees, Codemasters became a destination, a creative hub that lived and breathed their brand and product; a space that was dynamic and playful.

Physical elements such a chevron-inspired lighting, start lines, polished concrete flooring and large indoor trees pay homage to racing disciplines, creating a sense of motion and excitement. The trees created balance and depth in the high ceilings and also contributed to the office biophilia, increasing employee happiness and wellbeing by bringing the outside in.

Focusing on the dynamic value especially, we designed an immersive tunnel that reflects how consumers submerge themselves in the game as well as a subtle nod to the brands tech background. Once visitors have finished in reception, motion censored lighting guides their path through a small immersive tunnel, a real contrast in the grand reception. A large screen plays game footage while visitors can read through the brands history.

Paying homage to the sports history

Racing helmets adorned the walls, celebrating Codemasters’ history of excellence and paying homage to the real greats of the sport, while race consoles not only provided an opportunity for guests to experience the product itself but sit in a space that communicates live brand data, such as their network, how many customers are playing games and fastest laps – an excellent example of the company growth and reach.

Continuing the story..

We then turned our eye to the office wayfinding and onsite canteen. Again, taking the design principles applied in the entrance hall we created a space that was true to the brand values and inspired and engaged the employees and visitors using visual brand language and colour palette. By bringing together the different areas of the campus, we created a space that made employees actually want to come to work.

What’s next on the Codemasters Campus agenda? Watch this space..

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