Moon Climbing Product Catalogues

As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of climbing clothing and equipment, Moon Climbing are quickly establishing their mark on the industry. They asked us to help continue their growth by designing their product catalogues, with the aim to boost both product sales and brand exposure.

As well as functioning as a clear and usable sales tool, the catalogues also needed to capture the personality of the brand and the industry itself. Using their library of amazing photos of some of the hardest climbs from around the world, we created a publication that presented the product ranges clearly; combining the brand with aspirational content. We support them each year with catalogue creation, evolving and adding specific product and brand content to continually improve the catalogue offering.

Flexible Grid

With a large variety of products to showcase, we developed a flexible grid allowing all pages to be consistent and a familiar layout to be achieved throughout. Large lifestyle imagery contrasts clean product spreads, effectively communicating both the technical details of each product as well as the style of the industry. Bold typography and colour blocks represents Moon Climbing’s brand personality and approach to climbing, while at the same time achieving a professional outlook overall.

Made In Sheffield

A key product area for Moon Climbing is their ‘Made in Sheffield’ range. Showcasing the best local talent in the area, guest illustrators, artists and printmakers collaborate with Moon Climbing, producing graphics for selected clothing. The catalogues outline each of these artists in its own section, communicating the locally designed nature of the pieces which take influence from the surrounding area. Moon Climbing are proud to support local talent and also asked us to design a separate identity mark to represent their collaborations.

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